• Debut Match
    North Palmerston, NZL, 9 June, 2011
  • Cap Number
  • Place of Birth
    New South Wales
  • Team Years

Pitman has had anything but your typical career.

Her longest stint with a netball club was from 2011-2013, playing with the Queensland Firebirds who won an undefeated ANZ Championship season in 2011. Otherwise she has played for 6 clubs across 3 countries, a fact that she owns; proud of her sense of adventure. 

Within her first year of playing for a National team Pitman suffered an ACL injury that put her out for the 2010 season. However, something had been seen in her and she was signed to the Firebirds for 2011, the same year that she played for the Diamonds in the Netball World Cup, winning gold. 

Her style as a wing is untypical, relying on an ability to find space more than speed or agility. It seems to be a style that works though, with Pitman joining the English Roses in 2018 and winning Gold at the Commonwealth Games. 

Pitman's decision to join the Roses, through her dual citizenship, meant she had to retire from the Diamonds, a hard decision but one she hasn't looked back from.

2017 Thunderbirds' Club Champion Award